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  1. I've been threatening this for a while, but I'm finally pulling the plug on my Twitter account. I wrote a bit about the current state of Twitter, my motivation for leaving, and what I think is next for the ecosystem. #GoodByeTwitter
  2. Aside from being fucking stupid (which it is) I'll remind all my followers that I have a #Mastadon link in my profile. You might want to follow me there in case that's interpreted as a ban-able offense. @TwitterSupport/1604531261791522817
  3. I was just going through my #TwitterArchive and found a load of DMs I just never got notified about. About half were spam, but the other half weren't. So if you ever DM'd me and I just ignored you, sorry! 😅 #Mastadon seems more stable with notifications so far.
  4. Whelp, that's officially it. #GoodByeTwitter I refuse to share a platform with the... *motions broadly at everything* that he represents. You can find me at various places below. 👇 @develwoutacause/1593449514626478081?s=20&t=iu_m3mnAZe5KKFaquTePcw
  5. #VideoGame #Idea A cookie clicker game as a social media influencer, where you're trying to amass followers, likes, subscriptions, revenue, etc. Cookie clickers are literally all about "make number go up", exactly in line with social media engagement.
  6. #Angular v15 launch event going on in *five* minutes! I'll be there with the rest of the team to answer your questions.
  7. Even if Twitter does survive, I don't think I want to be a part of it. Blog: Mastodon: I'm also in the #Angular, #Bazel, and #WebComponents Slacks. At this point I'm just here to ride the ship down. It's been a pleasure.
  8. I just want to say: you matter. You're a human being with dreams and feelings and you deserve the best. You're not defined by where you work and you deserve leadership who cares about you and treats you with respect. Refuse abuse and mistreatment, and stand up for each other.
  9. Huge shout out to ArcDev09 for so graciously approving the Angular v15 release! I'm glad we were able to live up to their high standards and deliver the quality release they demanded of us!
  10. Today's #WTF #JavaScript snippet. The following code loops infinitely. Apparently the Set iterator dynamically updates with new data added to the Set. This applies *even* when you explicitly call .values() before iterating.
    A JavaScript code snippet which reads:

const set = new Set([1]);

for (const value of set.values()) {
  set.add(value + 1);
  11. It's a real shame that humans have 10 fingers instead of 8. Programmers could do everything in octal *and* artists could draw fewer fingers. It would have been a win-win!
  12. My favorite part of setting up a new phone is turning off all the notifications which get enabled by default. It truly is incredible the amount of bullshit features PMs can make up to justify throwing their logo in front of your face.
  13. Pop quiz: Which option is on and which is off? @Google #Pixel6 set up experience.
  14. Anyone familiar with #SolidJS #signals able to help me understand why they don't leak memory? Why don't you need to unsubscribe?